Goodlife Health Club

Contact details

Phone: 08 6141 1801

Open hours

06:00am - 08:00pm (24/7 access for accredited members)
06:00am - 08:00pm (24/7 access for accredited members)
06:00am - 08:00pm (24/7 access for accredited members)
06:00am - 08:00pm (24/7 access for accredited members)
06:00am - 06:00pm (24/7 access for accredited members)
*24/7 access for accredited members
*24/7 access for accredited members


A gym that works for you.

Staying healthy and fit is hard enough let alone finding a gym that works for you!
So whether you want to increase your strength with a weights session in the gym, enhance your energy levels with some cardio, find balance in a yoga class while your kids are being entertained in our childcare area or tone and shape up in one of our group fitness classes, achieving your goals is possible in whichever way suits you.
To get you started, Goodlife provides you with a free personal training session to tailor your exercise program to help you reach your goals.
So no matter what kind of improvements you're trying to make, Goodlife Health Clubs have everything you need to make them happen.
Goodlife Health Clubs is one of Australia’s fastest growing gym networks, and when you join one, you can access more than 75 locations in its network.


Located on the ground level east of the Tower One lobby.

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